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Thanks for the Warm Welcome!
Hotel California
erikorrantia guys at Cheyenne Publishing do seem to be a pretty tight knit group!  It certainly makes me proud to be a part of it...'s a stupid question: how is this blog different from facebook?  I'll be some people have LiveJournal, Facebook, maybe even myspace!  How do they compare?  How do you keep up with them all?

As you may have read in my biography on Cheyenne, I live in Tijuana.  Lots of people wonder what it's like, so what can I say?  In lots of ways, it's not that different from the US--I rent a little 3BR, 2 1/2bathroom house, I shop at the grocery store, we go to the movies, etc., etc.

Of course, there are a few differences: there are police all over the place that drive around in caravans of pick-up trucks with their weapons hanging out (literally).  The internet is a little slow and the television sucks.  Blockbuster is a profitable business.  The street food is wonderful--tacos, tortas, seafood, tamales, etc.

Other than that, life is rather normal.  Well, there isn't nearly as much entertainment in Tijuana as in San Diego, but I'm a bit of a homebody anyhow.  Drinking age is 18 and the bars are funner.  People are less worried about driving drunk and breaking traffic laws which is a worry for me.  I guess after 12 years, you can get used to anything.

I know some of you live on the other side of the world...what's your life like?


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Can't give any feedback about Facebook.

I can tell you about us though.

Charlie is a golf fan. Can't get her away from the stuff. Every few minutes it's golf this and golf that. She's obsessed. Won't look at any other sport.

Erastes is thinking about going back to school to become either a pediatrician or a kindergarden teacher. She's undecided though and looking for guidance if you have any advice.

Alex is a big people person and party animal. It's hard to catch her on email or the blog because she's always out clubbing in London.

I live near Seattle, where it never rains and it's a struggle trying to find any decent seafood.

Poor Mark. He has to deal with some strange people. Hope you can bring in a ray of stability.

Actually I do like golf. As well as the other sport/s. I once queued for half an hour to get Jose Maria Olazabal's autograph...

(Deleted comment)
*rolls eyes* I figured as much.

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