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Puerto Vallarta, here we come!
Hotel California
My partner and I are on our way Monday for five weeks in Puerto Vallarta!  This will be an interesting trip because his family is going down with us (no, not for the whole five weeks, are you crazy?).  My partner is from Sinaloa, a state whose symbol is the tomato and is known for Norteño music and lots of beer!  Well, I guess the whole country is known for beer.  Anyhow, the cultural differences between his famiy and me make me take a few deep breaths every once in a while...okay, a few times an hour.  I have a hard time being talked to by four different people at once, for example, in four different conversations, and nobody actually listening to my responses.  It will be interesting.  Fortunately, they like me and I like them so I think that will pull us through.

I think I've asked this question to you before.  Believe me, I've taken a lot of your advice (and thanks to those who have given it).  As you can see, I'm kind of new to the internet world.  I used to write a hundred e-mails a day, but that was about it.  Now I'm into blogs and groups and chatrooms.  Wow...there's a lot out there.

So, how do you get a webpage under your own name (is that a domain?)...I mean like a url like  Many of you have them.  So let me in on it.  LOL

Can you believe that Michael Jackson died a year ago already?  He was such a talent, shame to lose!  Kind of a sad life really, I think.  Mabye his whole story was just too much for any sane person to handle.

So, I'll be checking in periodically from Puerto Vallarrta to see what's new.  I have a timeshare there, by the way, which I oftentimes don't use.  I sell the weeks for whatever my cost is, so I don't feel like this is an advertisement.  Let me know if you're ever interested.  It's a beautiful place and a huge gay destination in Mexico, if you've never been.

In the meantime, happy reading and writing!

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Are you asking "how to" or for recommendations? I have a very simple and inexpensive website that meets my needs from 1&1. They've been reliable and it's do-it-yourself (which is why my site is simple). If you're not inclined to paint your own house, so to speak, look at other folks' sites and ask them who they use (and if there are any people they'd stay away from.)

One suggestion: Make sure you get a provider who will renew your site and include that in your bill---I've known people who had their websites grabbed by claimjumpers. Luckily your name is extremely unusual, so you probably won't have a problem. I found that there was another Lee-Rowan... and they make portable mine is .net)

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