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Forty Plus
Hotel California
I recently returned from a five week trip down in Puerto Vallarta.  I had never seen it so dead, and I felt bad for the majority of the population that depends on tourism.  Summer is considered the low season there--it's usually too hot to even move--but, despite the relatively cooler weather this year, there were few souls to be seen.  Personally, I prefer fewer people, for my own selfish reason.  But in the bigger picture, I hope that the economy hurries up with its turnaround, assuming, of course, that it is going to turn around.  I'll bet there are similar occurrences all over the globe.

I also turned forty while I was down in Vallarta.  I had been preparing myself for about the last decade, I suppose (though I haven't had a single thought about reaching fifty!).  Although I don't feel any different, I did decide to do a big party this year complete with an event hall, catered food, a thousand dollars worth of liquor, etc.  Yes, a thousand dollars--most of my guests will be Mexican and they can drink!  And though I do have mixed feelings about spending money this way, and a lot of stress over the whole thing, I guess it's worthwhile to keep Whitman's line in mind, at least once in a while: "I celebrate myself and sing myself."

If you've read my posts, I'm sure you're aware that I recently published a book by the name of Normal Miguel.  I have also recently completed another manuscript entitled "The Equinox Convergence."  I'm gathering some opinions from people on ideas for publishing because I'm afraid that Cheyenne Publishing, the publisher of Normal Miguel, won't be interested in a non-gay, non-historical fiction.  This one is about a young drug runner in Mexico whose destiny crosses paths with an indigenous girl.  Similar to Normal Miguel, it paints a picture of typical Mexican life in a different part of Mexico.

So, I know that many authors have gone with different publishers, depending on the genre.  I'm a little loath to repeating the process of endless query letters and months of waiting for, in most cases, rejection letters.  Is there any other way to hook up with a publisher?   (I also tried self-publishing a few years back which I now believe is a complete farce.)  Input?

I hope all is well in your corner of the world.    

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Happy Birthday, Erik! (And congrats on Normal Miguel being Cheyenne's best-seller!)

You can query agents. If you click with one, they do the work. I haven't tried that myself, but many people swear by it.

The old saw that once you ARE published it's easier to get published seems to hold true... good luck!

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