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A Day in the Life
Hotel California
Okay...this is my first time.  I already wrote a huge page and it got erased!  I guess I have some learning to do.

Signed back up for the gym today and burned some calories on the elliptical.  Sometimes it's so easy to find a reason to stop and so hard to drag the body back again.  Of course, I know it's for good health and good looks...but so are a lot of other things that I don't do (let alone the things I do that I shouldn't!).

My new book, Normal Miguel, is coming out this summer so I am looking forward to seeing it in print.  I'm also enjoying the process of publishing the book.  Mark Probst from Cheyenne Publishing has been particularly helpful.  He even recommended this livejournal site to me.

Currently reading Ransom by Lee Rowan which I thoroughly enjoy.  Inside I'm truly a romantic, even though my lover might not always agree.  I so want the characters' relationship to blossom (and I think it will).

Well, I have some cannellonis in the oven and already fought with them while I was boiling the pasta...I think I'll be going back to lasagna after this experience.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Hi Erik! Welcome to the blogosphere! Is that you and your partner in the profile picture? It's so tiny I can't really see who's in it.

Thanks for your response. So...I guess there's another mprobst out there. The thing said that Erik Orrantia was taken, too, that's why I made it with no space between the names! I tried to look you up...I guess one has to know the exact name they're looking for.

Yes, it's my partner and I...and it is a small photo, isn't it?

Welcome to LJ, Erik! Yeah, there are 2 (soon to be 3) more stories in the Royal Navy series, so I hope it's not a spoiler that the guys survive together. Looking forward to your book!

Cool! I'm looking forward to reading them all. I never doubted that the characters lived through it...I guess it's the romantic in me. It didn't matter, though.

Even though we used to have a sailboat, there were still lots of terms I had to catch on to. I was tempted to look up the anatomy of a ship, just to be sure, but I rather didn't want to put the book down! Nicely done!

Welcome to intahweb world. Looking forward to getting to know you/your writing.

(Deleted comment)
I'm glad you enjoyed it...which part of the cover did you do?

I also read Hidden Conflict. I thought it was great--kind of cool to compare styles between authors as well as track the historical contexts.

Hello, Erik. Don't worry - LJ always misbehaves for me too! I'm looking forward to reading your book.

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